地球史マップ 誕生・進化・流転の全記録
Editorial: Seeing convergent margin processes through metamorphism
Age, petrogenesis, and tectonic implications of the late Permian magmatic rocks in the Middle Gobi volcanoplutonic Belt, Mongolia
Neoproterozoic eclogite-to granulite-facies transition in the Ubendian Belt, Tanzania, and the timescale of continental collision
Late Paleozoic–Early Mesozoic granitoids in the Khangay–Khentey basin, Central Mongolia: Implication for the tectonic evolution of the Mongol–Okhotsk Ocean margin
Cretaceous to Miocene NW Pacific Plate kinematic constraints: Paleomagnetism and Ar-Ar geochronology in the Mineoka Ophiolite Mélange (Japan)
Revising antiphase domains in eclogitefacies omphacites
Evidences for multistage and polychronous alkaline-ultrabasic Mesozoic magmatism in area of alluvial diamondiferous placers of the Anabar river basin (eastern slope of the Anabar shield)
Crustal evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Ubendian Belt (SW Tanzania) western margin: A Central African Shield amalgamation tale
The δ13C–δ18O variations in marble in the Hida Belt, Japan
Temporal and spatial mineralogical changes in clasts from Mariana serpentinite mud volcanoes: Cooling of the hot forearc mantle at subduction initiation
Eclogites in different tectonic settings
Reappraisal of the oldest high-pressure type schist in Japan: New zircon U-Pb age of the Kitomyo Schist of the Kurosegawa Belt
Retrograde phases of former bridgmanite inclusions in superdeep diamonds
Reappraisal of natural omphacite: To see a world in a nanoscale domain
The Tekturmas ophiolite belt of central Kazakhstan: Geology, magmatism and tectonics
Revisiting Pb isotope signatures of Ni–Fe alloy hosted by antigorite serpentinite from the Josephine Ophiolite, USA
変成岩と変成作用 (1.鉱物 [地球編:表層])
Boron isotope variations of Franciscan serpentinites, northern California
Eldridge M. Moores名誉教授を慎む
Kimberlites and the start of plate tectonics: Reply
Kimberlites and the start of plate tectonics
Chapter 2b. Pre-Cretaceous accretionary complexes
Chapter 2a. Palaeozoic basement and associated cover
Introduction —Convergent plate margin processes and their rock record—
Jadeitites and plate tectonics
Oxygen isotopes in Indian Plate eclogites (Kaghan Valley, Pakistan): Negative δ18O values from a high latitude protolith reset by Himalayan metamorphism
Metamorphic history of glaucophane-paragonite-zoisite eclogites from the Shanderman area, northern Iran
Plate tectonic gemstones
Ion microprobe U-Th-Pb geochronology and study of micro-inclusions in zircon from the Himalayan high- and ultrahigh-pressure eclogites, Kaghan Valley of Pakistan
Chapter 6. Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf isotope geochemistry of the Himalayan high- and ultrahigh-pressure eclogites, Kaghan valley, Pakistan—
Introduction —Jadeitite: New occurrences, new data, new interpretations—
Permo-Triassic collision, ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism, and tectonic exhumation along the East Asian continental margin
Multiple origins of zircons in jadeitite
Ultrahigh-pressure minerals and metamorphic terranes – The view from China
Metamorphic reworking of a high pressure–low temperature mélange along the Motagua fault, Guatemala: A record of Neocomian and Maastrichtian transpressional tectonics
Permo-Triassic collision, ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism, and tectonic exhumation along the East Asian continental margin
On-going orogeny in the outer arc of Timor-Tanimbar region, eastern Indonesia
Very-low-temperature record in subduction process: A review of worldwide lawsonite eclogites
High-pressure belts of central Guatemala: the Motagua suture and the Chuacús complex
UHP metamorphism and continental subduction/collision
Global UHP metamorphism and continental subduction/collision: The Himalayan model
Cenozoic and Mesozoic metamorphism in the Longmenshan orogen: Implications for geodynamic models of eastern Tibet
Developments of the Hida and Hida marginal belts
Illustrated introduction to eclogite in Japan
Eclogite and related metamorphism in the Sanbagawa belt, Southwest Japan
Quantitative analysis of common rock-forming minerals by a modern wavelength-dispersive type EPMA: A preliminary report
1995年2月18日落下「根上隕石」概報 [A preliminary report on the Neagari meteorite fall on February 18th, 1995]